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tmonda 02-29-2016 11:04 PM

Avaya Modular Messaging Questions
Good day!

I would like to know where I can see the max/min character for global password setting.
And also I would like to know if there is a reporting tool for unused mailbox.

Thank you.

dineshan 03-02-2016 04:12 AM

AAM Password complexity and Dormant Mailbox
If you are using Aura Messaging, the Password length can be between 1 to 15 digits.
It is configured in Messaging --> System Administration --> Log-in Parameters. Default is 3(minimum).

Unused mailboxes are known as dormant mailboxes.
It can checked in AAM from Messaging --> Reports (Storage) --> Dormant Mailboxes.


tmonda 03-07-2016 11:52 PM

Thank you very much! :)

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