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rog0511 12-03-2019 08:39 AM

Urgent!! CLID manipulation
Does anyone know if there is a way on IP Office Server Edition to perform digit manipulation of the CLID of a calling party? I know it is possible to change using short code -s following any digits can replace CLID. I also know that this short code can use with wildcard like N can use like this:

Code Telephone# Feature Line Group ID
13N 23Ns72501N Dial 13

calling # 2366168 calling # 7250165038
called # 1365038 will change to called # 2365038

but I don't know is it possible to use with a wildcard character similar with N to stand for original CLID? I need to create a ARS that can use to change bulk CLIDs.
Like example below:
calling # 2366168 calling # 7250166168
called # 1365038 will change to called # 2365038

Thanks in advance,

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