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jgardu 07-17-2015 10:03 AM

Issues with Dial plan on IPO Server edition 9.0.7
Hola, I have a series of issues with the dial plan on this equipment

the issues are:
*Delay until up to 7 seconds to start call (even if the trunk channel was taken inmediately)
*Due some international telephones have different number of digits we tried to create specific dialings like 900xxxxxxxxxxx (00+11digits), 900xxxxxxxxxxxx (00+12digits), etc. this was made to avoid pressing # at the end of dialing the international number (due the client do not want to press #) but is not working so we leave this type of dialing using 900N; forcing the user to press # at the end of the dialing.

On the server we programmed the shortcode ? to dial . (any dialing) and send it to the phisycal resources (E1) on the expansion module (IPO 500v2) vía H.323. trunk, then we created the rest of the dial plan in the last equipment (qhere the E1 card is installed) but is not working.

We had to replicate the dial plan on the server, the second expansion module (ipo500v2) and on the first expansion module (ipo500v2) where the E1 card is installed.

For Example:
-on server (directing calls to trunk ID 99901 (h.323 to expansion 1))
LOCAL Calls: 9xxxxxxx - to dial:9xxxxxxx
National LD Calls: 901xxxxxxxxxx - to dial:901xxxxxxxxxx
USA Calls: 9001xxxxxxxxxx - to dial:9001xxxxxxxxxx
WORLD Calls: 900N; - to dial:900N;

IPO Expansion 1 (where the E1 card is) (directing calls to trunk ID 1 (E1))
LOCAL Calls: 9xxxxxxx - to dial: N;
National LD Calls: 901xxxxxxxxxx - to dial: 01N;
USA Calls: 9001xxxxxxxxxx - to dial: 001N;
WORLD Calls: 900N; - to dial: 00N;

Please help us to find an explanations due we made several tests and dialings but only worked this way.

thanks in advance

zakabog 07-17-2015 10:59 AM

Do you have a ; at the end of all of the short codes? That will wait for the timeout to expire before sending the call, don't add a ; unless you have an N. And don't add the ; to the end of the dial string since you aren't waiting for a timeout, you're just sending digits at that point.

Also, 00XXXXXXXXXXX will not work if you have 11 X's vs 12 X's since it will immediately match the shortest code first, so if you try to dial 00 + 12 digits it will stop at the 11th digit since it matches the code 11 X code. You need to do 00 and enough X's to match the longest possible number, then add 00N; to match the rest. Or do something like 001XXXXXXXXXX if you know that 1 will always be followed by 11 X's.

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