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rellerbrock 10-11-2010 01:30 PM

CCE Email Workitem Alert Click not working
I have a user that has an issue when she clicks on a Work Item Alert from an email it doesn't activate the workitem all the time. She has to pick up her line inorder to activate the work item. This doen't happen all of the time. I tried reintalling CCE but it didn't help. I even replaced her PC which didn't help either.

Running CCE 4.1

k2cinswedenab 10-12-2010 01:12 AM


Have you tried turning off all the windows firewall policys for the user?
Also, it sounds as it is only this user having this problems regardless of wich PC the user have. Settings for the user may be centrally stored in Configuration Server, so try to reset CCE settings to deafult.
One thing i also have noted on our users is that the CCE Desktop could "freeze" a second or two in a 10sec intervall if "Poll agent states" is enabled in CCE Desktop settings. Chances are (since you say it doesnt happen every time) your user have this problem and at the time of "freeze" she wont be able to click the alert.

Regards Andreas

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