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crawfos 11-08-2010 07:50 AM

Config a PRI for Video
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I'm trying to setup a PRI for video use. We have a CM S8720 R5.1 and a Polycom HDX7000. I can make audio calls in and answer them on the Polycom. I haven't tried a video call in yet.
My problem is on outbound calls. The system hits the PRI and starts to dial but I get a Denial Event 1367: BCC incompatibility. I tried changing various setting but to no avail. What am I missing?
I was going to post my entire config but it's to large so here's what I think is relevant. An assistance would be greatly appreciated.

kantr 11-18-2010 03:57 AM

We have a dedicated team who works on issues related to Videos. You are requested to open a case with the Video team of the Avaya backbone.

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