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mqatatsheh 05-13-2018 03:30 AM

Avaya One-X Mobile - VoIP Feature not Active
Hello ..

I have 1PO 10.1, IPO Application Server 10.1, I configure Avaya One-X Mobile and got fully connected through WiFi, now from outside I use VPN IPSEC, but now it's partially connected, and VoIP feature not active.
Here is the configuration:
1. XMPP Domain: ipo.dri.local
2. DNS: resolves ipo.dri.local resolves manager.dri.local
3. SIP Domain: dri.local

as mentioned previous iam fully connected voip through wifi, outside (SSVPN or IPSECVPN) partially connected and voip feature is inactive.
it's fully connected when set the mobile to callback feature instead of voip and uncheck the voip secure connection

Is there a way to check from where this problems occurs ?

moham301 06-11-2018 01:34 PM


If your device is android, go to advanced Enable XMM debugging and select the logging level as verbose. Exit the application and try to connect through VPN.

Then go to file manager in the phone and collect the log files from Android/data/com.avaya.ScsCommander/files/staging.

Hope you will get the information there.

As you mentioned you are connecting through IPsec VPN, I suggest you check the configuration on the firewall. see if there are any H.323 or SIP transformation enabled. If enabled then disable it.

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