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flath1 07-06-2021 09:11 AM

MPP DNS settings
My brain appears to be disengaged. I am trying to determine what the DNS entries are for MPP and how to change/update them but cannot find any post installation documentation on this matter.

Does anyone know how to view and change/update the DNS setting for the MPP's?


Mark Flath

mlombardi1 07-07-2021 11:49 AM



Login to the VPMS web administration screen with a user that has system maintenance and operation privileges. Open the MPP Manager page. Select the appropriate MPP system by clicking on the box next to the MPP Server Name. Click on the Stop button under the State Commands.

When the MPP is stopped, login to the MPP Linux operating system with a user that has root privileges. Type the command:


Change the IP address of the DNS server in the field labled: DNS Server

Shutdown and reboot the MPP for the changes to take effect:


cd /sbin/
shutdown -r now

From the Web Administration screens, open the System Monitor page and observe the MPP to ensure its operational state returns to "Running" and the Config is "OK".

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