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metivt 10-30-2018 12:31 AM

IPO with TG 400 GSM Gateway call routing
Guys ,

Having issue with sip line configuration for calls routing
I have 3 SIP URIs, 1 with that use <Internal Data> both in the the Field
Local URI - Contat - Display Name
and all the other two SIP URI are all with (*)
Each of them have different id for incomming and outgoing number , since individual line have to routed on different EXT .

Actually the one that use all <Internal user data> is working perfect for both incomming and outgoing calls .n
The two others SIP URI that use all (*) , one of is working for incoming call , while it's uncapable to call out, and use automatically the first SIP URI with all <Internal user Data> for each out call.

The other, 3rd SIP URI is just not working at all .

Have guys have an idea, please share :

Look forward for your reply.

Thanks !

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