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afarooqui2000 07-26-2011 01:41 PM

Facing Issues in Expansion Module

We are facing an issue with the system like automatically generated incoming calls after every 2 second hits the Auto Attendant and then goes to operator extension and when she picks that call a prompt like “THE NUMBER YOU ARE DIALING IS INVALID”. The lines previously connected to the Expansion Module port 14 which is attached to the system. IPO IP500 EXP MOD ANLG TRNK 16. Right now 2 pots, Port 11 & 14 are defective of that module are creating an issue and we have made those ports OUT of Service. Although line configuration is same for all 15 lines in 1 Hunt Group Number. We had also called DU several times but they did not find any such kind of issue with the line & also when we plugged the same line to any other port this issue will not happen.

Is any thing wrong with that expansion module Hardware?

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