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silvew 09-05-2016 08:04 AM

Webservice Integration with a CRM
Hello guys, how are you?

I'm having a problem with an webservices integration with my company CRM.

When I tried to import the WSDL file the following message is printed "Error: Unable to process web service. The WSDL or Package Name is not valid."

My developer says that the WSDL file is valid, so I would like to know if someone had some problem like that, and where is the problem. :confused::confused:

verma62 09-08-2016 01:47 AM

Hi Silvew,

As far I am aware there is no option available in IPOCC to import the wdl files or invoke the web services.

Kindlt let me know if I am missing out anything

cartw7 06-04-2017 03:21 AM

Hi silvew, any updates on this? A friend of mine used a solution called Tenfold. I believe they've been using it for about a year now, and it's been running smoothly for them and even increased their productivity with the features it comes with. I've been looking into it myself.

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