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rawat25 05-10-2017 10:17 AM

IPOCC Email issue with in same domain.
Hi Team,

Geetings..!!! Hope you are doing good!!!

Can you please provide confirmation on below query.

Can IPOCC agent send email from the agent user interface to non-agent in same domain.

Please share some information.

Nitin Rawat

marquardt 05-10-2017 10:47 PM

IPOCC Agent send E-Mail with same domain as the IPOCC server
If an Agent send an E-Mail to an 'external' mailbox with the same domain, the E-Mail will be handled as an internal E-Mail and IPOCC try to find the internal mailbox.

The SMTP Connector does not send the E-Mail, because it is handled as an internal E-Mail.

rawat25 05-11-2017 01:30 AM

Thank you for the response!!!

marquardt 05-11-2017 05:20 AM

Workaround: Example Exchange Server
In MS Exchange (or another E-Mail provider)
You can use more than one E-Mail address for one User.
(Example: testuser@outlook.com; testuser@hotmail.com

In IPOCC configure only one domain: Example outlook.com.

If you send an E-mail to the testuser@hotmail.com the E-Mail will send with the SMTP Connector (it is not internal).

rawat25 05-11-2017 03:01 PM

Hi Team,

Please see the below scenario and please confirm its working as per design.

when IPOCC E-mail agents send E-mail to other staff who are on the domain and not IPOCC agents they do not get the E-mail. But IPOCC agents get E-mails sent to each other on the IPOCC user interface. The External address also gets emails from the IPOCC agents.

Thank you in advance.

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