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aaltvedtob 10-08-2013 11:35 PM

Session Manager @IP-address in SIP-endpoints domain
I have a case where I have a endpoints registering with ip-address as domain, instead of the SIP-domain.
This results in not being able to call in to the endpoint, but the endpoint is able to make calls.
I have tried to administer the user-id in SMGR both with/without CM Endpoint administration. I've tried to set OTHER SIP specifying the ip-address as the domain in the communication address paragraph for the user-id.
Any ideas is really appreciated.
The system I'm running is ASM 6.2 SP4.
The endpoint is not able to send @domain in the registration-process as there are no where to specify it. When trying to specify it in the username or authentication-name fields, it sends userid%40domain@ipaddress. So there's nothing to do in the endpoint :(

Ole-Bjørn Aaltvedt

justinreeves 10-18-2013 07:43 AM

Try this

In Session Manager
Under Routing
Click SIP entity’s
Select the Session Manager
Under ports add 5060 for TCP and UDP and set the default domain

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