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rhoove 04-29-2019 04:48 AM

Cisco SPA112 for Fax
Hello All,

We have a need, in a new small office, to setup fax on 2 Xerox MFP. We will have no Voice components in this office, only data. We purchased 2 Cisco SPA112 to connect to the printers. Having some trouble with setup in SM 6.3/CM. Anyone have any experience with this type of setup?

What I have attempted:

Using a number from our list of DID
Created a user in SM with
Identity: "Ext@Domain"
Communication Profile:
Communication Address: Type=Avaya SIP
FQ Address= Number@Domain
SM Profile:
SIP Registration
Primary SM=Local SM
Secondary=DR SM
Block New Reg after 1
App Sequences
Orign Seq=CM6
Term Seq=CM6
CM Endpoint Profile:
Profile Type=EndPoint
Ext=Ext of number

Where I believe I'm running into an issue here is the template. I cannot create a SIP template for the SPA ATA. I have never set one of these and could be completely barking up the wrong tree here. Any experience or advise on setting up the Cisco ATA SPA112 in Avaya Systems?

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