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faberd 01-26-2021 04:30 AM

one-x configuration option
hello together,
does anyone know how to manipulate one-x configuration to not enable the option "apply dialing rules for outgoing calls" under "Dialing Rules" at startup?

is it an option in the avaya ip telephone configuration file template progated from the webserver, like the SET PHNOL command
or is it an local option on the client for example in the customize.xml in one-x folder?

and which option is it?

faberd 01-26-2021 06:16 AM

found the option in C:\users\currentuser\appdata\roamin\avaya\one-x communicator\confix.xml

if checkbox is unchecked following config lines appear:


if box is checked, lines disappear. but when restarting the client, config.xml gets overwritten and i dont now from where

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