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amarap 10-11-2018 09:02 PM

AACC Log Reader Application
Does anyone know a good AACC log files reader application, mainly to read Multimedia log file such as CCMM_EnterpriseWebChat_AgentController, CCMM_EmailManager, ect.

Currently I'm using Notepad++.

I know Genesys got an application called "Kazimir" which can arrange the log in user friendly way.

Thank you!

mark05 07-20-2019 01:54 AM

I have not seen the genesys application before but I've occasionally used this application called LogViewPlus and it seems to have some good features in searching through logs in detail. Its not free btw.


mark05 07-20-2019 10:21 AM

Avaya Grep & Avaya SIPSleuth
There is also Avaya Grep - https://secureservices.avaya.com/aac...dingPage.xhtml and SipSleuth - https://secureservices.avaya.com/adp...dingPage.xhtml

Avaya Grep

Avaya Grep is a tool for analyzing and debugging Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center calls.
Avaya Grep generates a range of reports on a specific call by analyzing the Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center logs, including a ladder-diagram representation of SIP messages through user-agents and proxies.
A search feature is also available for those instances where the user does not know the call ID, but has some other information on the call, e.g. the agent DN number and the approximate time of the call.
Avaya SIPSleuth

Avaya SIPSleuth is a tool for viewing, analyzing, filtering and querying SIP message logs.
Supported logs are Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center Manager Server and Avaya Media Server SIP message logs.
SIPSleuth features a powerful filtering engine, a custom query language for filtering SIP messages and command-line access to enable batch-processing from the shell.

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