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babbj 10-10-2014 09:38 PM

Need help with Avaya 5520-48T VLANS, CoS, 802.1p!
I just got an Avaya 5520 and i have spent a couple hours trying to setup a 802.1p priority bit. I need to flag all traffic on port 1 with the priority bit of 3. Does anyone know how to do this? I have tried going to VLANs -> Ports -> and setting the Priority but it does not seem to work.
I am running V6.3.3 of the Avaya OS on the switch. I looked through parts of the manual and couldn't find a lot talking about this.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome, thanks!

mitch161 10-20-2014 05:45 AM

Hi babbj.

Here are the commands you'll need:

ERS5520 # qos traffic-profile classifier name <anyname> vlan-min <VLAN ID> vlan-max <VLAN ID> vlan-tag <tagging type> ehtertype 0x800 update-1p 3

ERS5520 # qos traffic-profile set port 1 name <anyname>

where <anyname> is literally anyname you like and <VLAN ID> is the VLAN of the traffic. <tagging type> would be whether the port/traffic is tagged or untagged.

You can also check the following Avaya document:

Configuration - Quality of Service Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

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