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vautr 07-25-2018 10:08 AM

20% cpu usage all the time on ERS3500
Hi guys,

I would like your experience feedbacks on Avaya ERS3500 switches. I have a four switches stack. 2x 3524GT and 2x 3526T-pwr+ ,30 Avaya phones and 40 Pcs.

The switches CPUs are continuously loaded at least around 20% all the day, all days. There is no usage of the network in the night or during the weekend but CPUs are still loaded. Is it the normal load for theses devices or something is wrong ?

I've failed to find a cli command to see the running processes... How can i understand what are theses CPUs doing. :confused:

Many thanks for your help and have a good day.

vautr 08-14-2018 02:07 AM

I should have start with an easier question.
Is there anybody have a running ERS3500 Stack ?
What are the cpu load on your stack ? You can see it on the EDM web interface in menu Edit/Chassis/chassis, last tab "CPU/Mem Utilization"


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