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stankn 06-05-2015 05:34 AM

Experience Portal 7.0.1 Email issue
I've configured EP7.0.1 Email processor and connection for it (just outgoing mails over SMTP without authentication). It regularly sends alarms to mail address that I set. Also, I've installed POM 3.0.1 and tested mail campaign and it works.

Problem is that Email server is in degraded state and I cannot find out why. This could be in relation with my major issue - in POM campaign, emails always finish with Email Queued completion code, even thou email is actually delivered. I set Notification URL for application that campaign uses. Also, I set Message Type to Regular and Delivery, and in Email connection I set Registered Delivery to Success/Failure. What I can see in Log Viewer after POM sends email is this message:

P_TXT00008 Error while processing request: 19011, message=null com.avaya.emailbrowser.InboundNotificationProcesso r

Best regards,

sandeepreddy 06-15-2015 03:53 AM

Hi Nikola,

If the email processor is in degraded state then the server might have configuration and connections,however some or all connections are not working. We will need to check the email logs to find what exactly is causing it to go into degraded state.

The error [P_TXT00008] can occur during either email or SMS inserting CDR or SDR or text browser processing request.
Please check what is the notification URL set!
Also have you entered the Web-service IP address in the CAV for the email APP?

As per your inputs you mentioned you have only configured outbound. I would suggest to configure both inbound & outbound with authentication and test.
We will be able to prioritize and assist accordingly with a service request.


malco5 07-11-2016 04:50 PM

I was getting the following error when doing outgoing mails over SMTP without authentication as well.

P_TXT00008 Error while processing request: #####, message=null com.avaya.emailbrowser.InboundNotificationProcesso r

I was able to get the error messages to stop by going into the Email Connection, temporarily changing the type to Incoming and Outgoing, populating the Incoming fields (with anything), changing type back to Outgoing and then Save.

Not sure if this will address all issues but it's worth a try.

kumar1131 09-01-2016 07:43 PM

I see from your post you have set Email connection set Registered Delivery to Success/Failure in that case you need to configure your inbound email connection as well. If inbound connection is not configured correctly you will see connection status as degraded

If you want to test only outbound then set Email connection -->Registered Delivery to none.

Give a try!


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