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kirchenlo 11-30-2016 03:11 AM

Support of 5600 Series IP Phones - IPO Rls 10
I cannot find out if the 5610 IP telephone does still work with the IP Office release 10? I have a customer who likes to upgrade and still uses 56xx phone sets, if I check on the IP Office Knowledgebase the telephone is still in the list of the supported telephones (Table 3. Supported Avaya phones no longer for sale”).
But apparently in the IP Office Technical Bulletin 196 it says “Note:4600 and 5600 series telephones are no longer supported in IP Office Release 10.0 software.”
What does this mean? As they are still part of the supported sets no longer for sale on the knowledgebase I do not understand this note. I agree that there is no tech support anymore, but do they work now or not?
I do not want my customer to change additional now its 150 phones. I would like he doe sit on this pace.

kirchenlo 12-19-2016 04:24 AM

I can confirm that these sets are working properly within release 10 SP1.

byrdc 12-27-2016 06:55 AM

No longer supported doesn't mean they won't work. It just means that if they don't work Avaya will not help resolve the issue.

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