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mache 11-03-2016 12:46 AM

how to control the incoming sms cli in avaya pom

I am able to send the sms using Avaya pom 3.0.3 and my requirement is to send it without the country code. But when a reply sms is sent from the customer mobile number for the sms we sent, the incoming cli of the sms is coming with country code (61).

Now as soon as the reply sms comes in avaya-pim-common.jar code is getting executed and I don't have the source code for the same. avaya-pim-common.jar is the file provided by Avaya for pom.

For the reply incoming sms the cli is not matching the address in the contact attempt or contact history table due to an additional 61 (country code) in front of it.

Please can I get an expertise advice for where we can capture the incoming sms cli and manipulate it before pass it on to the jar file code.

Thanks in advance

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