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bubnoi 12-29-2014 05:59 AM

ex. Nortel wireless mesh networks
Hi all!
When nortel was alive, it had Nortel Wireless mesh network solution, which consists of Wireless access point 7215/7220 and wireless gateway 7250. Access points must connect to the wireless gateway through ipsec tunnel and there was a program called wapKeyGenTool to generate ipsec password using AP's serial number.
Quote of Nortel's manual:

"Wireless Mesh Network
Solution Reference
Appendix A
KeyGen tool
The KeyGen tool is a DOS-based password
generation tool for the Wireless AP
7220s. This tool is used to generate a
unique IPsec password for each Wireless AP
7220. The IPsec password is used when configuring new Wireless AP 7220 user
accounts on both the Wireless Gateway 7250 and the RADIUS server.
Refer to
“Before you begin”
for KeyGen software
download and update
The KeyGen tool is case-sensitive. Yo
u must enter the Wireless AP 7220
serial number exactly as it appe
ars on the Wireless AP 7220.
To use the KeyGen tool:
Create an input file that contains a list of Wireless AP 7220 serial numbers.
Each Wireless AP 7220 serial number mu
st appear on a separate line in the
input file.
Initiate a DOS prompt on the computer.
<input_filename> <output_filename>
and press Enter.
When the KeyGen tool has fi
nished executing, the output
file contains a list of
IPsec passwords (one per line) that direct
ly map to the list in the input file."

If anyone can helps me - please, send me this utility to email: utyaaa@gmail.com
If I remember properly, Avaya has bought this part of Nortel's business.
I've bought a few Wireless AP's 7215, but like a privete person, not customer, so I don't have normal account...

rameshng 12-30-2014 03:30 AM

Tough to get that tool. Better try calling Avaya Support.

bubnoi 12-31-2014 05:19 AM

Avaya's support requires Sold Of Number.
I doesn't have it :(
I've bought this device from tiny company. it's not an authorized dealer of Avaya or Nortel.
So I have to search this tool here :)

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