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chrde 10-31-2013 09:55 AM

AACC - Multimedia Rules
When Configuring 2 Search Criteria for a rule in the multimedia application, the weightages have to add up to 100%. In my case each Search Criteria has a weightage of 50%.

This is my situation: When a mail is coming in I want to check the from address (via sender groups) and the body and subject of the mail (via keyword groups). In case the mail is coming from a sender in the sendergroup AND contains keywords from the keyword group it has to go to a certain skillset.

But what is the meaning of the 50%. I want to make sure both search criteria are met for 100%. e.g. I don't want that keyword "test" matches with "testing" because half of the letters are matching.

ddcastillo 11-14-2013 10:44 AM

The "weightage" is the importance of the search criteria. If you want them to be equally important, you set each criteria to 50%, since you have 2 search criteria.

Then once you have it configured, test it by sending a few test emails. Put one in that ONLY has 1 of the search criteria and verify it routes appropriately. Then send another test email in with both the search criteria and again, verify it routes appropriately.

Hope this helps!

chrde 11-18-2013 03:33 AM

This is what I tested:
  1. Criteria 1: KeywordGroup containing only the word: 'test'
  2. Criteria 2: SenderGroup containing only the mail address: 'a@b.com'
Both criteria have 50% weight

I did 4 tests:
  1. Criteria 1 not met and criteria 2 not met
  2. Criteria 1 not met and criteria 2 met
  3. Criteria 1 met and criteria 2 not met
  4. Criteria 1 met and criteria 2 met
The result is that only the first test will go to the default rule, all other tests go to my custom made rule. This is not what I want.

I want that only test 4 goes to my custom made rule and all other to the default rule. So that both criteria should be met in order for the rule to be true.

I think this is not possible because we are mixing keyword and sender groups here. It's seems like a missing feature? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

rbrookes 11-19-2013 04:58 AM

@chdre, I don't know the answer to your question - but to clarify the problem so that somebody else might recognize it and provide a solution - it seems that the tests are being logically OR'd instead of ANDed. So if either criteria1 OR criteria2 is met it is following your custom rule. But what you want is if criteria1 AND criteria2 are met it follows your custom rule.

Anybody know how to configure as an AND instead of an OR?

vikramsg 11-20-2013 05:19 AM


I think what you can do is:

1. Use the Keyword Rule group using the CCMM rules and send it to a skillset. (no other check)
2. in OD Scripts, you can manipulate the Skillset based on the "FROMADDRESS" intrinsic.

This would be the simplest way.

But please note that this may add additional load to TFE if there are too many EMAIL Addresses to be verified in Script.

hope this helps

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