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dbojic 06-10-2015 06:59 AM

Multiple SIP Trunks on 1 SBC and 1 Session Manager
Hi all,

I have a customer with a duplex CM, HA ASM and HA SBC. Today we installed a 2nd SIP trunk on the SBC and configured it in ASM.
However, only successful outbound call I had over this trunk is to create a Dial Pattern in SMGR for a specific number which I'm calling.
What we would like to do, is have some rules that can say that only specific numbers on the CM, or SIP Mobile Worker users created on SMGR, can call through this 2nd trunk. Everything else should go over the 1st trunk.

I tried using Home Location, however, the Origination Location and terminating location, and basically all locations except Home still stay as the first location. For example:

P-Location: SM;origlocname="SipTrunk1";origsiglocname="SipTrun k1";origmedialocname="SipTrunk1";orighomelocname ="SipTrunk2";termlocname="SipTrunk1";termsiglocname="SipTrunk 1";termmedialocname="SipTrunk1";smaccounting="true "

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?


mlombardi1 06-15-2015 10:04 AM

If the SBC pair is supporting two SIP trunks, the routing for this will be done in the SBC EMS. You'll have to create a URI group for the calls for trunk 2. Create two server flows for traffic sourced from SM. The server flow referencing the URI group should be rank 1 and be checked first. If no match, outbound traffic will default to the other server flow and traverse trunk 1.

The DevConnect white paper you used to configure the SBC pair to work with the service provider should explain server flows. Use that as a basis.

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