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rynga 12-07-2016 02:15 AM

Avaya IP DECT Mobility Manager license
we are using avaya 3720 dect phones. yesterday I disconnected the dect base station for a few seconds. Now I see there are problems to call with the handsets for longer than a +/-10 seconds. By viewing the configuration in the Avaya IP DECT Mobility Manager I see now the application asks for a license. What do I have to do now or where can I find this license key. Before the disconnection we hadn't any problems.

rynga 12-16-2016 05:58 AM

Nobody? Still have the same problems (calls with the DECT-phones are dropped after 20 30 seconds). Did already a reboot of the base station, without solution.

rynga 01-31-2017 06:45 AM

At this moment, we know now that the problem is a dect-license that probably is lost. Now I'm trying to get support of Avaya. Unfortunately, two support-tickets are removed without any help from avaya and I don't understand why.

Is there anybody who can help me please? Now I have this problem for more than a month and really want/need a solution!

extra information:
system: IP Office 500 v2 (essential edition)
dect base station (R3)

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