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juchn 10-24-2012 09:38 AM

Caller ID extension on Avaya to work with RDS server, TAPI
We have PBX to VOIP at our business that involves an Avaya phone system. What we are trying to accomplish is to have an RDS server be able to determine what extension is coming in through a remote connection from any session and prompt the user within our application software with CallerID information.

Previously we were using a third party software called TeleTools, which can be found here. The way our RDS server is setup is that it uses an IP Office client that is installed, a TAPI driver also installed locally on the server, then we go into the Control Panel>Phone and Modem>Advanced Tab>Then there is an option for Avaya IP Office TAPI2 Service Provider>Configure>put in an IP address that we connect to, then the telephone extension as the username.

The problem is that right now we can get only a single user to login since the Control Panel settings are Global. We are looking to figure out a way, if even possible, to allow multiple profiles through RDS to allow extensions. This could either be a plugin, batch file, etc.

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