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vandeweghe2010 03-01-2021 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by gfluck (Post 36265)
So Feature Pack 1 breaks DTMF over PRI's. We're in the painful process of getting everything rolled back. No workarounds available.

Did Avaya confirm this?
I've seen that the R11. has been removed from the Avaya support website.....

tswine 03-10-2021 05:35 AM

I am having DTMF issues with SIP phones (J169 and Workplace moblie/desktop) on Spectrum SIP trunks as well.

vandeweghe2010 03-26-2021 06:26 AM

Since 16 march the R11.1. SP1 (209) has returned on the Avaya Support website. I can confirm that the DTMF issues are solved. We tested is with internal calls (SIP & h323) and on SIP trunks external calls) Information on the DTMF issues are described in the Technical Bulletin General Availability release 003

hanlo4 04-07-2021 10:06 AM

Thanks for posting this that it is resolved now!

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