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dekorator 09-27-2011 07:45 AM

Change IP address of CMS server
Our customer want to change ip address on working cms server. So, I will have some questions...
If I'll change ip address of the cms server all data will be lost?
How to change ip address on the CMS server ?
Will I need to delete acd record in CMS ?

Best regards.

kamra 11-17-2011 05:19 AM

Change IP address of CMS server

Changing IP address on the CMS does not affects the already stored ACD data in the CMS. To change the IP address on a solaris/unix flavour OS machine such as the one used by CMS, you use the 'ifconfig' command and also make changes in the /etc/hosts file. I suggest you look up the 'man' or manual page for ifconfig command using 'man ifconfig' in CMS. Once you change CMS IP address,you may need to change the node-name or ip address in CM as well, depending on which CMS NIC IP address you intend to change. Obvious question would be how many NICs you have in your CMS and are active..

Saurabh Kamra

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