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dherron 08-07-2014 09:02 AM

Cisco Unity/CM 5.2.1 MWI trouble
I am working on a sporadic issue with MWI indicators either won't go on , or won't go off as it should. Customer has a Cisco Unity and S8720 with 5.2.1. SIP trunk, and integration.
This has been in and working for a while. List Traces show nothing confirming (or denying) the MWI signalling. The Unity logs show MWI was sent.
Any suggestions?

sunilkumarv 08-19-2014 09:45 PM


List trace may not show you the entire SIP message coming to CM. if you have SM between CM and Unity, try running traceSM and see what is the exact message sent to CM ( mwi info and mailbox number).

in case if you are using incoming call treatment on SIP trunk, make sure it has right data so that CM get the correct station number.

station form - page 2 should also have sip-adjunct for mwi.


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