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estebanperez 06-24-2016 09:29 AM

WLAN 9100 Multiple Locations
Hi, We have a project to implement free WiFi in the parks of the city council, but there park their size require more than 1 AP to achieve coverage area, each park has its own local Internet service, and we want to have centralized management console WOS, the question is: how do I register several APs in the WOS when everyone is going to handle the same public IP?,

Best Regards

dshurett 08-11-2016 05:10 AM

Sorry for the late reply to your question. I think the real challenge to this is how you are going to obtain access to the devices behind multiple nat devices. This would require you to have a 1 to 1 nat to each of your access points through the firewalls/nat providing access.

Alternately, this may be a good use of a Cloud-managed WLAN service. ;)

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