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azapatero 06-22-2011 04:22 AM

SMGR 5.2 no logs
I have "inherited" a SMGR 5.2 (SP2), just to learn how to monitor the system.
But when accessing Monitoring->Logging section, there are no logs.
I have access SMGR via ssh, cat the jboss server log (I donít know if this is correct, as avayadoc is quite laconic.), and I can see lot of java exception errors.

Does anyone know why this could be happening, or how to troubleshoot this kind of errors?
It would be grateful if any kind of extended documentation (or orientation of how to get it) is provided (I think avaya provided is quite short)

Thanks in advance.

ahmed1 08-03-2011 09:00 AM

Hi azapatero,

In SMGR 5.2, the logs viewer is available in Monitoring --> Logging link as you have mentioned.
Ideally this should show the logs on high level regarding any critical errors. If you find completely no logs in this section then we would have to troubleshoot deeper looking into the server remotely.
Please create a ticket with Avaya support for this issue and someone would be available to assist you.



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