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umantn 09-22-2015 02:27 AM

Language selection in AA
Does anyone know, how setup language in Auto Attendant.
I need to setup simple AA (button 1 - dept1, button 2 - dept2 etc.) with language selector but when i try add language in system->Voicemail tab i see they are grey.
How can i add that languages?
Platform Avaya IPO 500 v2 R9.1
Preferred edition (VMPro)

umantn 09-22-2015 07:53 AM

Is nobody knows?

thiel2 09-22-2015 11:10 AM

Download the "Standard Base Configuration" from here and spend some time with the Voicemail Pro modules that allow for language selection (although it is US centric, so the languages are US English and Latin American Spanish)

havel3 09-22-2015 11:19 AM

Windows VMPro or Linux VMPro?

havel3 09-22-2015 11:24 AM

In Linux all languages are installed by default. in Windows login on the server, goto start > configuration screen > Programs and change the VM Pro install, there you can add languages to the install.
In VM Pro the languages are in the WAVS\VM folder en = UK english, enu = US English, nl = Dutch, fr = french etc.

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