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cflowe 11-27-2015 05:39 AM

Return to Queue Stats
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Hi Folks,

I've been asked to explain return to queue data from historical reports.

We used a forced call presentation calls with the delay timer set to 0.

We have a number of legitimate not ready codes.

We're seeing quite high numbers in agent performance reports for this return figure.

I see from the call by call report that calls are dequeued from skillsets, presented to agents who are in a not ready and returned to queue (REASON: NRDY) 1 second later (extract attached).

My question; is this 'normal behaviour'? Why would a call be queued and then dequeued to an agent who is essentially unavailable?

I'm trying deal with some possible call avoidance issues and this clouding the waters somewhat. Any ideas / suggestions?


hill23 11-27-2015 06:26 AM

Hi Christian,

I can't open your attachment, but can suggest 2 possible reasons for what you are seeing.

Even with the Call Force Delay set to 0, I have seen instances where an agent is able to hit Not Ready when they get the bleep advising of an impending call and thus knock the call back into the queue. Easiest way to check for this would be to run the CBC stats and look at the reason why the call was returned to the queue. You can also confirm this by looking at the AML traces, as they actually tell you if the agent pressed not ready.

The other option that may be applicable is if you are using IP sets, and in that scenario it may be that there is insufficient Bandwidth or DSP resources on the CS1k. In that case the switch sets the agent to Not Ready, again you can identify that scenario in the AML traces, as you'll see Call Can't terminate to the agent after a request to present the call.

Hope that helps.


cflowe 12-03-2015 03:33 AM

Hi Paul,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and the useful info.

I'm still looking into this but after testing it would appear from the CBC that in our system (CS1K AACC SP14 with IP handsets) that if there are calls queuing and an agent goes not ready (as fast as is humanly possible - before they hear a beep and within the after call break time of 5 seconds they get on the presentation class ) a call is still presented and then requeued REASON:NRDY

In our Service Centre it's not unusual for agents to legitimately go NR up to 50 times a day and there are often calls in the queue - consequently their return to queue stats look somewhat poor however this isn't down to intentional avoidance.

Iíve engaged our telephony support partners to shed some light however from reading around I suspect the return to queue figures are simply an artefact of the way we appear to work.


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