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vicyork0869 03-30-2012 12:20 PM

Aam 6.1 ela
Question on ELA's on AAM.

I know on MM you could log into them, record names, greetings etc and have calls cover directly to an ELA.

Do ELA's function the same on AAM as they did on MM?

zpiao 08-08-2012 06:52 PM

it is similar as it does on MM . for more details , you may want to check our AAM concept and planning and installlation and configuration docs. Here is some description for ELA on AAM from our concept guide.
Enhanced List Application (ELA) is a messaging tool that greatly expands the capability of the
Messaging system to deliver messages to a large number of recipients. ELA associates one
mailbox to a list of members, so that when users want to send a message to the whole list,
they can send a message to the list mailbox instead.
When a new message is delivered into the list mailbox, known as the shadow mailbox, the
ELA software distributes the message to the members of the list. ELA members can be local
or remote users, thus providing extreme flexibility. For example, administrators can set up an
ELA list for a suggestion box that messages addressed to this list are distributed to the
Messaging mailboxes of a set of users.
An ELA mailbox is like any other mailbox, allowing such operations as recording a name and a
greeting for the list and allowing call answer messages to be distributed through ELA. Like any
other mailbox, an ELA mailbox has a mailbox number, a numeric address, and a Messaging
e-mail address. A numeric address enables subscribers to address messages to any local or
remote recipient in an organization. The numeric address allows a subscriber to send a
message to any recipient from the TUI without having to know the geographic location of the
recipient. The directory makes all numeric addresses available to all locations within the
organization. A numeric address is same as the Mailbox Number.

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