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kizhad 07-11-2022 12:51 PM

Pavb_03001, 00191 & 03064
Hi Team,

We are getting these PAVB (03001 , 00191 & 03064) errors in our application. We thought that something was wrong in the code but when we test the application it was working fine in the lower environment.
While going through the Avaya Forums, we found the following description for this errors

"Well that error is issued when a new session is started in a node that is not "Start". You always configure OD application as http://host:port/<appname>/Start. In that node we create a session on the app server, then when the next node is fetched we grab the session created in the start node. If when we look for the existing session and cannot find it then you see that error."

Could you please let me know why we are getting this error and what could be the solution for this error.


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