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rwallo 10-05-2015 05:10 AM

9611 IP Phone Encryption
Good morning

I'm attempting to get 9611 IP phones 6.6 to connect encrypted to Avaya CM 6.3.11. I'm thinking that all the steps I've gone through unsuccessfully that there is something relatively small but important to getting encryption going.

Media Encryption is enabled in display sys cus. CM has a certificate for the active IP and is loaded on both CMs as per the MUDG 4/2015. In ip-codec 1 the encryption is 1-srtp-aescm128-hmac80. CM is accessible by the FQDN and has no certificate error upon browser access. IP phone MCIPADD is pointed to the FQDN and works.

I think that the 46xxsetting.txt should have an entry but any change I've done there had no useful effect.

rwallo 11-06-2015 08:13 AM

I've found that a non published firmware version for the IP phones has allowed encryption through the ip-codec setting.

We are still unable to make TLS encryption to work.

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