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jcoole 05-06-2014 09:04 AM

Connection to overhead paging
Hi all,
I'm still relatively new to being the phone admin and I cannot figure this out.
Using CM 5.2
We have an overhead paging system that is connected (somehow) to the endpoints.
A user can dial 85, wait for a tone, then 00, and they are now on the overhead system and can announce campus-wide. We plan to upgrade later this year, and I want to be sure I understand how this works, lest it breaks.
I do not see 85 as a feature access code, so my question is this:
What dark magic allows this to happen?

marzahn 05-29-2014 06:38 AM

Check Out these Two Commands
Overhead paging commands . . .

display dialplan analysis
change paging loudspeaker

jcoole 10-09-2014 09:12 AM

We use a TOA 900 series amp with a variety of generic speakers.

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