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llshelpdesk 02-13-2012 10:48 AM

Music on Hold
My music on hold is not working at ess site. I have a music source assigned to a moh analog group, but for soem reason not going to the port assigned; I have the exact same setup at another site and it is working? ANy ideas?

mskinner 02-14-2012 09:35 AM

You need to initiate a trouble ticket with the TSO.

richardowallot 02-24-2012 12:27 PM

It is very easy to "blow" an alaog MoH port. It would still work for a trunk or station but not MoH. Try a different port and make sure your source is not too hot.

sumit007 05-21-2015 06:05 AM

Check port and MoH ( Val) is in service.

yadav29 05-25-2015 11:09 AM

Check port number 1. this is responsible for play & record in VAL card.

vary1 05-28-2015 11:17 AM

Also check if the VAL was uploaded to make sure the format is correct it has to be MONO and either U-law or A-law wav file 8000 sample rate.

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