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madur 08-30-2012 09:03 AM

Avaya routing question

Here is my configuration:

Site A : LAN1 :
LAN2 : /

Site B : LAN1 :
LAN2 : /

Site C : LAN1 :
LAN2 : /

I have a Windows Terminal Server with the IP : (which belong to the Site A network)
The TAPI driver is installed and Phone manager too on the TSE server.
A CTI is installed (linked to use the TAPI driver)

My question how to route calls to the right IPBX depending of which user is connected to the TSE server ?

Exemple :
For Roger who is on site B and connected to the TSE server on Site A i would like to use the IPBX on site B for all calls. If Jenny is connected from site C, il would like to use IPBX on site C.

Is there a way to achieve that ?


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