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fagan6 03-29-2013 07:26 AM

Whisper Action in VM Pro
Trying to use the whisper action to announce callers into a conference. Have set up a VM flow that works great. However, when I include the whisper action with auto-accept, I get the following symptoms: a) Ten second delay between caller name being played and auto accept; b) multiple join/leave beeps per person; c) inability to mute/disconnect or otherwise control participants through One-X portal (seems random). Bypassing the Whisper (no name announcement, just plain transfer) and everything works fine. I've tried adjusting maximum recording time, time-out for the whisper, using a transfer action after the whisper and many, many combinations of settings. I'd really like the name annoucement. Is this a known-issue or am I missing something?

Using IP Office 500r2 8.1(57). VM Pro 8.1.1003.00 on Windows 2008r2.

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