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tchadwick 05-10-2013 09:58 AM

cs1k CPMG sysrestore
I've been working in my LAB to get a good procedure to quickly restore a CO-res CPMG system to full operation using a sysbackup. What I am looking for is a procedure to use if the only thing that I have to restore system function is a new (out of box) CPMG and a good copy of the last sysbackup on a USB stick.My understanding is that I can use that USB to reload the server and get back all of my config including any security domain information (as a lot of CO-res sites only have the one server) and the deployment information.
If I load the base linux and tell it during that process that I have a USB backup it does load the accounts and IP addresses that were on the failed server.
Should I then just log in (admin2 on RLS 7.5) and run the sysrestore commmand? I have tried it and no success. Am I under a misconception as to what is included in a sysbackup and what it can get me back to. Do I have to deploy the system before I use the sysrestore command?
Any help with either steps to take or docs to read would be appreciated.

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