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barry64 11-05-2019 07:59 AM

Problem with ASA 6.0.07 SP12.01
This has been a long-running issue and some of our system administrators are losing the will to live.
When trying to access GEDI, most of the time it connects OK. However, there are times when they hit a "Communications error: network connection failed" error. Several goes at closing/reopening the program may bring success. Other times they need to reboot to get a connection. Using Putty to SSH to the IP and Port never seems to be an issue. The person sat next to them may try exacttly the same thing and not hit this issue (at that point in time).
It doesn't seem to matter whether they're using wired/wireless/VPN connections - the problems persist. These staff have reserved IPs for their network interfaces, so no real variation there.
I was wondering if anyone had seen this type of issue before and if so, what kind of troubleshooting did you find to resolve it?
Many thanks,

mlombardi1 11-06-2019 06:56 AM

How many folks are logged in at once and are they using the same administrative account?

barry64 11-06-2019 07:24 AM

Nope, all have separate accounts. The maximum I would expect is 5 or 6 concurrenrly. I don't believe that it's related to numbers, as our early risers hit this problem as much as anyone else.

mlombardi1 11-06-2019 09:34 AM

Are they connecting to CM's procr interface or a CLAN? Try switching to procr if using CLAN.

Can also try switching between TCP 5022 and 5023. If your system is up-to-date, 5023 may no longer be supported though.

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