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koch112 08-27-2020 02:15 PM

AES HA license re-pricing suggestion
Just a bit of venting. I am disappointed that no changes have been made to the pricing model for AES HA license.

There are 3 versions of the HA license:

Small - for Media Gateway based CM systems - $10k
Medium - for single server CM systems - $25k
Large - for dual server CM systems - $50k

An AES Large HA license has a list price of $50k no matter how many messages per second your applications need.

Woudn't it be better to price this product based on how many messages per second are processed?

A Medium or Large CM server can deliver 2000 messages per second. What if you only need 20 messages per second? You're paying a lot just to get this capability.

Why not price it based on 3 levels of messages per second (500, 1000, 2000) at the same price points? If you buy a 500 and go over 500 at any point, go into 30-day license error mode which requires you to upgrade to the next level to clear the license error mode? Same for going over 1000.

This would reduce special bids for customers who need a license for their dual server CM, but need less than 500 messages per second.

My 2 cents.

koch112 08-28-2020 09:13 AM

AES non-HA license is $0
Ah, I should have remembered that the non-HA license is $0.

Still, I think the HA license should be priced based on messages per second. I think Avaya would get more customers implementing HA on Medium to Large system if they adopted a revised pricing model.

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