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bonpl 08-02-2016 12:11 PM

CMS - hours a user is online
Hi, im looking for a report that gives me the information about the hours certain users (byskill) are logged in.

For example i want to check all user with more than 10 hours online and kick them out if they have more than 7 hours online.


shaikht 08-02-2016 10:25 PM


I am assuming that users you are referring to agents logged into skill.

We have Historical ->Agent ->Login/Logout (Skill) report which give login and logout time of agents.

It will not give number of hours but you can export to excel and have calculations on it.

I hope it helps.

bonpl 08-03-2016 05:34 AM

Thanks i'll do the excel then!

hpenni 08-05-2016 02:53 AM

The Login/logout report is the best way and get CMS to do the calculation and add the calculation in your report: haglog.LOGOUT - haglog.LOGIN, set the format in the table to: hh:mm:ss

It will also tell you straight way if people left themselves logged in over night.

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