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cc12 09-12-2016 09:19 PM


Is there a way to backout a baseload upgrade ?
at a point where the OS patches have been installed
at a point where the cms load also has been installed.

Thank you !

shaikht 09-13-2016 11:06 PM


Simple steps will be restore CMS again with older CMS load backup to bring CMS on earlier load.

We have steps to remove installed CMS load but again you will need backup to install earlier version or install last CMS load again.

I hope it helps.

cc12 09-13-2016 11:34 PM

Thank you shaikht
We do have both filesystem and maintenance.
Is there a document that points to the procedure can do the restore procedure( kinda backout of baseload upgrade) ?

thanks in advance

shaikht 09-14-2016 10:44 PM


Currently, you have CMS load and you want to remove it. You can do two things:

1. Use baseload upgrade to remove current load and if you have previous laod software, it can be installed again using Installation doc. You need to do all setup again and restore data using maintenance backup.

2. Best option is to restore CMS using Admin backup using Installation doc. And then restore data again using maintenance backup.

I hope it helps.

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