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lohl 01-18-2017 08:10 PM


I'm configure the IMAP4 in ipocc without encryption. there is an error in TTrace-> Email -> C3000 POP3-IMAP4 client, below is the error message.

048.000.0230 Imap4agent - Connection error: failure at fetch command for user xxxx
048.000.0260 Imap4agent - Connection error: failure at logout command for user xxxx

if there anything i missing?

marquardt 01-29-2017 09:56 PM

For more details
Please add the categories:
in the TTraceConsole for more details.

khant 02-07-2017 09:35 PM

Which Port number IMPA is configure?
If you switch from SSL to None, don't forget to click on default button under Topic-Email configuration
You can manually configure IMAP to port number 143 also

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