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sappadu 02-25-2013 02:08 AM

Transfer call
Hello everyone,

I am setting up an IP office 500, i am having issue with call transfer.
I have configured 5 line appearance on 1616 phone, but when the user is receiving 3 incoming call, he is not able to transfer.
Please advise

thank you


pdgavin 02-26-2013 08:25 AM

Transfer Call
Is someone else using the other two lines so that no lines are available for transfer?

What version of software are you running? Please note:

Context Sensitive Transfer

For Release 8.1 and higher, there has been a change to telephone behaviour for call transfers and how a call put on hold pending transfer is indicated. These new behaviours apply to 1400, 1600, 9500 and 9600 Series telephones.

Calls and Button Status Indication
The status indication for a call on hold pending transfer has changed to differentiate such calls from standard held calls:
On phones with both dual lamp buttons, both the green and red lamps fast flash (flutter) when the button represents a call on hold pending transfer.
On phones with single lamp buttons or status icons, Xfer: is now shown in front of the caller ID information rather than the button name. For example Xfer:Extn299 is shown rather than a = Extn299.
The call status information shown when the button of a call on hold pending transfer is the currently highlight line is now prefixed with On-Hold-Xfer rather than On-Hold.
Switching Between Calls
Switching from a connected call to an existing call on hold pending transfer, now puts the connected call on hold pending transfer. Previously the call would be put on general hold. The following table is an example of the difference in operation resulting.

Pre-8.1 Result
8.1+ Result
Call or answer A
Connected to A
Connected to A
Press Transfer
A on hold pending transfer
A on hold pending transfer
Call or answer B
A on hold pending transfer. Connected to B.
A on hold pending transfer. Connected to B.
Reconnect to A
Connected to A. B on hold.
Connected to A. B on hold pending transfer
Press Transfer or Complete*.
A on hold pending transfer. B on hold.
(*No Complete option is displayed)
A transferred to B.
Requirement for a Free Call Appearance Before Starting a Transfer
When the user already has a call or calls on hold, they can now put their current call on hold pending transfer even if there are no free call appearances available. Previously an available call appearance was required in order to then make a consultation call to the potential transfer destination.
Conferencing Calls
For these phone there have also been changes to which calls are conferenced in different scenarios including when there is a call on hold pending transfer.
If they are on an older release you can reserve the last call appearence button for outbound calls including transfers:

Reserve Last CA: Default = Off. Release 4.0+.
Used for users with multiple call appearance buttons. When selected, this option stops the user's last call appearance button from being used to receive incoming calls. This ensures that the user always has a call appearance button available to make an outgoing call and to initiate actions such as transfers and conferences. For pre-4.0 IP Office, this option is set by adding the RESERVE_LAST_CA= option on the User | Source Numbers tab.


sappadu 02-27-2013 06:29 AM


thank a lot for the reply :)

It helps :)


pdgavin 02-27-2013 09:35 AM

Transfer call

pphillip 01-22-2015 07:29 PM

Similar Issue Here
Help Everyone

Users are unable to transfer a call if there are multiple incoming calls. Multiple calls can only be answered if they are put on hold and there is no more incoming calls then the calls can be transferred.:(
I've configured 12 appearance buttons.

zakabog 01-23-2015 03:06 PM

12 line appearances or 12 call appearances?

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