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stappt 06-13-2019 09:24 AM

ASA List extension stops at check hunt stations
Site Administrator 6.0.07 SP 13.01
Recently ran into a problem using "list usage extension" where it stops at "checking hunt stations".

I can close the window but can't use ASA until I open task manager and end the Site Administrator process.

Any thoughts?

Also happens to others in my team and I can list on other PBXs.
Is there a way to find what hunt station is causing the command to hang?
Thank you

langbh 06-24-2019 03:55 AM

Good morning
I had some problems after our Avaya upgrades, and needed to update my ASA.
Try installing V14, may help?
If not then can you follow and see where it stops listing?
Did you try to use the report 'list extensions' and export to csv?
Hope this helps,

hurdk 06-25-2019 09:04 AM

If you are getting a response like " Cannot complete command"

Then you may have corruption. You will need to figure out what object the list is stopping at and check the object before and after the one it fails to list. You may need Avaya corruption team to get involved if you cannot correct it.

stappt 10-09-2019 12:45 PM

Thanks for the responses. I have moved to V14 of ASA. I can let the command run for 30 minutes and I never get "Cannot complete command" any response, it seems to be stuck in a loop. I have listed all extensions and exported them but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

Avaya is looking at the issue thinking it may be corruption.

Thank you

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