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dang3 04-03-2013 10:36 AM

BCM 200 Release 3.7 - lost nnadmin

Anyone know of any way to reset the nnadmin password? Customer reported problems with system and while I can do a great deal with the telset (Feature ** SYSTEM) account, I need to edit the voice mail and cannot without 'nnadmin.'

I realize I might be out of luck and might need to find a hard drive replacement - luckily they only have the BCM 200 with 2 4x16 MBMs - no special needs to speak of.


dang3 04-03-2013 01:20 PM

After much research I've found two solutions:
1. New hard drive.
2. BCM Imaging Tool (BIT).

The first solution is really dependent on 'stock' available. The second solution I'm looking at and are attempting to this path. Anyone have more info on this? I'm getting the 3 files (Ghost files) and will attempt to get the tool as well.

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