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volko30 06-26-2020 01:55 AM

ACK DHCP error

After clearing the phone (1608 or 9611g) it restarts, discovers Ethernet and on 0 second displays ACK error and reboots after 24 seconds.
If I set VLAN 2 in it, it gets an IP address successfully from DHCP in VLAN 2.

VLAN 1 is default, VLAN 2 is voice.
Access switches have untagged 1 and tagged 2 VLANs, also tagged 1 and 2 on ports, connected to other switches.
DHCP windows physical server port is access VLAN 1 only. It's switch is also a DHCP in VLAN 2 and has tagged 1 and 2 VLAN on port, connected to the other switches.
On windows DHCP option 242 string L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=2 is set.

There is no other DHCP server in LAN, there is only one DHCP relay.

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