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danapierce 02-15-2013 07:57 AM

caller id to AT&T wireless phones not working
I have recently deployed a CM 6.2 with (2) Verizon PRIs for inbound and outbound calls. Whenever a call is placed from the PBX to an AT&T wireless phone, Caller ID on the wireless phone displays "Unknown", however all other outbound calls (to other wireless and non-wireless) numbers display caller ID info properly. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Any and all help is appreciated...

mcginp 01-14-2015 07:45 AM

I am having the same issue. I actually had this same issue using the reach me feature in Aura messaging. We had to change the tandem-calling-party-num

Len =4 any cpn=x del=all insert=(xxx)-xxx-xxxx outgoing number format= natl-pub
Len =10 any cpn=x outgoing number format= natl-pub

You have to change your trunk-group to the following:
modify tandem calling number: tandem-cpn-form

I am still trying to figure out how to fix the at&t issue for normal outgoing calls but I figured i'd let people know what I found to date.

marzahn 01-20-2015 10:20 AM

First ... Who is Responsible for Outpulsing?
My first question is:

On your outbound calls who does the outpulsing of the ANI? It is likely that you left this to your carrier. If so, I would start with them. This really feels like a carrier issue.

Here at my firm, I have elected to manage all outpulses for two reasons. First I don't want a call center agent's number going out. So with our call centers, I outpulse the primary VDN of that call center

The second reason is to protect the privacy of our staff. That is all calls from regular staff goes out with our main listed number. That means the option to give out a number is retained by our staff.

To do this I use the public-unknown-numbering set by trunk group. Does this help?

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